5 mins Shoulder circles, band pull-aparts, presses
2 rounds:
15 secs hands & feet hollow hold with feet touching wall, into 15 secs handstand hold
15 secs active bar or ring hang, into 15 secs passive hang
10 behind the neck press with dowel + plates or empty barbell


Shoulder Press x 4

6×4 E2MOM
2 x 70%
2 x 75%
2 x 80%
*Take an extra 30 secs rest on last 2 sets if needed


4 rounds
1) 6-8 handstand pushups
*Rest 10-15 secs*
2) Max UB ring muscle ups
*Rest 10-15 secs*
3) Max UB pullups
*Rest 90 secs*

Muscle ups:
3-5 jumping muscle ups
Or max CTB’s or pullups + max dips
***If MU’s were scaled to pullups, perform 8-12 ring rows instead of pullups as last exercise

One of the main goals today is to make improvements on the HSPU progresssion(s) you have been using for the last 5 weeks; add a deficit, go strict, take an abmat away, thinner bands etc.
They will only continue to get better if you continue to make them more challenging!


3 rounds
20 Alt. DB bicep curls
20 overhead band tricep ext.
Crossover plyo