DATE – Tuesday May 20th


Warm-up: Alternating tabata: Handstand hold + KB Swing (Light-Moderate) (4 rounds each) (4 min)


Mobility: Lacrosse ball shoulders + band pull aparts + presses


WOD A) Wendler Strict Press  (Week 1, Cycle 2)(15 min)


*Before starting our second cycle of the Wendler strength program you need to artificially inflate your current 1RM numbers. For the next 3 weeks you will add 10lbs to your Back Squat and Deadlift 1 rep maxes, and 5lb to your Strict Press and Bench Press 1 RM’s. Use the new 1RM #’s to then work out a new training max and then % based sets from there.


**% for this cycle will be based off of 90% of your 1RM. This will be referred to as your “training max”. For example, if your 1 rep max Back Squat is 100lb then you will use 90lb to calculate your working %


Warm-up sets:

1×8-10 @ barbell

1×5 @ 40-45%

1×5 @ 50-55%

1×3 @ 55-60%

*Rest 60s between warm-ups sets


Working sets:

1×5 @ 65%

1×5 @ 75%

1×5+ (ME set) @ 85%


*Rest 2-3 min between working sets

**Go hard on the ME set but stop when you feel like the next rep will cause your technique to breakdown



WOD B) Three rounds not for time: (15 min cap)

Handstand push-ups x 6-8 reps (Strict only: controlled negatives or banded as sub)

Rest 20-30s

200’ Farmers Carry (2 x Heavy KB’s)

Rest 20-30s

Bar Dips x 8-12 (Weighted if possible)

Rest 20-30s

GHD Sit-ups x 15-20 (inexperienced limit reps/ROM and/or substitute V-ups)


(Start on any of the stations and rotate through in order)


WOD C) 3 min AMRAP: Double unders

(Larger classes may need 2 heats)