Warmup/Mobility) 2 Rounds:

10-15 Band Dislocates

5-8 Band Pull-aparts

5-8 Band Presses

10-15 Pushups


WOD A) Bench Press (15 mins) All % are based off of your training max:


Int/Adv: (must have been lifting consistently for more than a year and have a good strength baseline)

EMOM x 7 sets: 3 reps at 50-55% bar weight (fast off the chest) + 20lbs chains per side for 200lb+ bench/10lbs per side for less than 200lb bench



Beg/Int: 3-4 warmup sets, then 1×5 reps at 40%, 1×5 @50%, 1×5 at 60%





Int/Adv: “Zoe” or “Bar Zoe”

For time: 30 Ring Muscle Ups or 30 Bar Muscle Ups ***10 min cap***

*Int scale to 15-20 reps or a 10 min Muscle Up EMOM




Int/Beg: Alt. EMOM x 10 mins:

4-6 Strict Pullups

4-6 Strict Bar Dips


WOD C) 4x500m Row Sprints (approx. 16 mins):

-Rest 2 mins between each interval, or as long as it takes your partner if more than 2 mins.

-Goal is consistency

-Record your slowest interval.