DATE – Saturday


Warm-up: Quick dynamic hip and shoulder prep


WOD A) 10 min to work on Turkish get-ups

Build to a your heaviest completed on your right and left side.


WOD B) 30s on, 30s rest for total completed reps across 8 rounds (32 min)

Row (Cal)

Box Jump over’s (24/20”)

Burpee w/ 2 hand touch (roughly 6” if possible)

Ball Slam (40/30lbs)


(As this is a long conditioning WOD aim for a consistent pace so that you continue working in an aerobic state. In other words, your reps completed each round should not vary significantly… don’t sprint out of the start! Begin on any one of the 4 stations and rotate through in order, and use a notepad to record reps in the 30s rest period.)