DATE – Wednesday



30s High knees

30s But kickers

30s Tuck Jumps

30s Sampson lunge (static)

30s Jumping Jacks

30s Inchworm + Back through down dog (static)

30s Ball Slams (Light)

30s Mountain Climbers


Mobility: Posterior chain floss (90s/side)


WOD A) 5 reps of “touch and go” power cleans, every 90s x 6 (9 min)


(Build slowly across the 5 sets, but do not max out, keep reps clean, smooth, and efficient. No jumping jack cleans! Newer lifters, sub to 5 hang cleans from just above the knee.)


– Rest 2 min –


WOD B) 3 reps of “touch and go” deadlifts, every 90s x 6 (9 mins)


(Build across the 6 sets, but do not max out! Prioritize perfect mechanics and smooth reps over max loads. Zero deviation of form due to load on these.)



WOD C) Row 5km for time with a partner.

Set rowers to a 5000m countdown and switch on scheduled intervals: