Warmup) Dynamic lengths / quadruped movements / wheelbarrow races


Mobility) Banded Shoulder Stretch


WOD A) In 15 min build to a heavy set of: 1 push press, 1 push jerk, and 1 split jerk


WOD B) 30 secs on/30 secs off x 5 sets of each (20 mins):


Handstand Pushups (Kipping or Strict – Sub for Pike or Regular Pushups)

Toes to Bar (Sub for V-ups/Tucks or Situps)

Box Jumps 24/20” (Step Down or focus on soft landing, particularly if your calves are tight from 14.1)

Rope Climbs (Sub Pulls from ground, banded pullups or ring rows)


*Bigger Classes can have a couple of groups of 2 partner up on rope climbs and follow each other through the workout. Try to partner more advanced climbers with a goal of getting 2 ascents in 30 secs, or Beginner-intermediate with the goal of getting 1 rep.