(10 mins)
1 min on / 20 secs of @ easy pace x 2 rounds:
Assault Bike
Sled Push (jog or walk)
*Get into groups of 4 and have one person start on each station

3-5 mins stretch calves and hip flexors


Running Intervals

400m Run
-Rest 1 min-
800m Run
-Rest 2 mins-
1200m Run (2 laps + alley between Cordova & Powell)
-Rest 3 mins-
1600m Run (3 laps + corner of Cordova & Columbia)

*Subtract 6 mins rest from total time
*Aim for a strong pace across each interval, but be careful not to go out too hard on the first two and leave yourself gassed for the longer intervals
*If you are not a strong runner then scale intervals to 200, 400, 800, 1200


*Start once you have completed your run
3 Rounds:
8-10 Powell Raises @ 3011 tempo
8-10 Cuban Rotations @ 3011 tmepo

Finish with lower body stretches:
1-2 mins front splits each side
1-2 mins mid splits
1-2 mins pigeon each side
2 min squat hold