DATE – Monday


Warm-up) 6-8 min dynamic squat prep: high knees/butt kicks, hamstrings, front & side lunges, duck walk etc.


Mobility) Olympic wall squat hold & internal + external rotation hip mob


WOD A) Front Squat/Back Squat: 5 sets of 3/6 reps @ 90% of 1RM Front Squat


(Only do 90% if you did 85% last week successfully. If you missed last week or have missed a few of the squat sessions in the cycle then work in the 80-85% region. KEEP YOUR FORM PERFECT. Wearing a belt is also recommended for these heavier percentages)

(30 min)


WOD B) Team WOD – 13 min AMRAP

– In teams of 3 accumulate AMRAP alternating static lunge with a sandbag (Rx Heavy/Light) (or slam ball as needed) held in the front rack position.

– Team member #2 holds a front plank, and reps can only be counted while the plank is being held.

– Team member #3 completes a 200m run. Rotate stations as the run is complete. (Lunge – Plank – Run – Lunge etc.) Score is total lunges completed per team.