Band dislocates, pull-aparts & presses x 6-8 reps of each

Banded shoulder stretch: pecs, extension x 40 secs each


WOD A) 10 mins to establish a 1RM Ring Dip: use bars if you aren’t stable on rings. Band assisted do 3 sets of 5 reps.


WOD B) 4 Rounds of:

Max reps Weighted Pushup 55/35lb (must be able to do a least 10 unbroken reps before adding weight. Goal should be 8+ reps in first round when deciding how much weight)

10-12 Supinated barbell rows – heavy as possible

-Rest 60 secs-

*No rest between pushups and rows


WOD C) 2km Run or Row for time – decide which one is your weakness/you hate seeing in a workout and HIT IT HARD!