60s work / 15s rest & transition x 12 sets (3 sets of each alternating – 15 mins)

1) 60s Echo Bike (Steady warm-up pace 60-70% effort)

2) 30s right / 30s left side plank

3) 60s farmers carry (laps of the rig – moderate – heavy load)

4) 6/arm single arm dumbbell bench press @2,2,1,1 (steady/stable warm-up weights)

Groups of 4, start on different stations and rotate in order through 3 rounds


Every 6 min x 4 sets: (24 mins)

Run 400m

6-8 Deadlifts (55-65%, smooth controlled reps, no touch and go, control each rep down and pause on the floor)

8-12 Ring push-ups @2,1,X,1 (modify to DB’s or regular push-ups, with tempo if possible)

10-15 Step down box jumps

Complete each round at a steady and sustainable pace.

Focus on quality movement over speed and intensity today.

Partner up on equipment and stagger by 3 min


3 rounds for quality:

6-8/leg Single leg RDL (KB or DB in opposite hand)

15-20/side KB or DB side bends

45-60s hollow flutter kicks