DATE – Thursday


Warm-up: 3-5 min dynamic lengths, then:

Banded side steps + front to back x 10 each

Banded glute bridge with 3s hold x 10

Banded Air Squat x 10

Band Pull Aparts x 15

Band Presses x 10


Mobility: Pre-squat hip opener


WOD A) Front/back squat cycle (Week 8, Day 2): (20 mins)


4 sets of 2 FS/4 BS at 90-95% of load used on Monday (If Monday was missed, build to 90-100% of FS 1RM based on feel)


*Only attempt these weights if you have been consistently completing the current cycle with success at the other % numbers. If you were able to complete last Monday’s sets at 95%, and you are feeling good, then go for it, otherwise work in the 85-95% range again.

* Spend 5 min warming up – the 15 min to work through the 4 sets

*Remember that technique and safety is the number one priority!

*Using a belt is recommended.



WOD B) For time:

21-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:

Ring Rows
Back squats (95/65lbs)
Push press (95/65lbs)

Ab-mat sit-ups


(Bar comes from the ground for each movement. Use the same bar for BS as PP, so if you need to scale the PP weight, then scale the BS. Rx for the Ring row is body at 45% when arms at full extension, knuckles to chest/ribs at the top, keep them strict!)