Suicide drills 4 x 5
*Alternate with a partner, do some lower/upper body mobility while your partner works
1) Forwards @ jog pace
2) Low Side Shuffles
3) Backwards
4) Forwards SPRINT!

Big barbell warmup for WOD A complex


Power Clean + Push Press + Cluster + Thruster

Perform as an unbroken complex
*Cluster = squat clean thruster

15 mins to build to a max in the complex


Death By Cluster

EMOM for as long as possible at 135/95lb
Min 1: 1 Cluster
Min 2: 2 Clusters
Min 3: 3 Clusters
Continue adding a rep each minute until you can no longer complete reps within the minute

*Weight should be no more than 60-65% of your complex for A


3 Rounds:
10 Powell Raises @3011 tempo
Max GH Raises – aim for 6+ with a band