Warm-up: Quick dynamic shoulder + hip prep

Mobility: Banded shoulder stretches (Pec/overhead/extension x 30s each)

WOD A: 3 rounds (not for time) (15 mins)
3-5 x Skin the cats / lever progressions / hang to inversion hold
30-40s Handstand work (walking, static holds, wall walks etc.)
20-30s (accumulated) L-sit or tuck hold on parallettes
WOD B: 3 rounds for time:
200m Run
25/20/15 x Wallballs (20/14lb)
25/20/15 x Kettlebell swing (24/16kg)
25/20/15 x Hand release push-up
200m Run
– Rest 2 mins between each round –
Reps decrease each round. Int/Beg scale reps to 20/15/10 or try to keep rounds at 6-7mins max. Yes, each round will start and end with a 200m run.