Quick dynamic warm-up (Leg swings, hip circles, shoulder circles)
then; 2 rounds: (Alternate with partner)
30s handstand hold / 15s rest
30s Goblet squats / 15s res
then 2 rounds:
30s ATYT (light plates) / 15s rest
30s KB Swings / 15s rest


Weighed tricep / overhead stretch (elbows on bench) 2 x 30s
Pre-squat hip opener lunge


Every 90s x 10 sets (5 each alternating)
A1: Hang clean x 3 (Start @65% of 1RM and increase to a heavy 3)
A2: Strict or Kipping HSPU x 6-8

Hang Clean x 3


CrossFit Open WOD 11.3
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Squat clean (165/110 lbs)
Jerk (165/110 lbs)

Masters 55+ Rx (135/75lbs)

Points are awarded for each movement separately. One point for the squat clean, and one for the shoulder to overhead. Thruster/push press is ok.

Partner up to count and judge for each other in 2 heats as if it was a regular Open workout.