DATE – Monday March 17th



500m Run

Leg swings – front/back + side/side x 10-12/each

Single leg glute bridge x 8/side

Clamshells x 10-12/side

Thoracic rotation/activation x 10/side

Bulgarian split Squats (@3,1,1,1) (Body weight or light KB) x 8/side


Mobility: Banded Squat hold 30-45s (work on vertical torso position)

Then add a 15-25lb plate on one knee to close ankles down (20-30s / side)


WOD A) Front/back squat cycle (Week 8, Day 1): (25-27 mins)

5 sets of 2 FS/4 BS at 100% (Based off old 1RM Front Squat)


*Only attempt this if you have been consistently completing the current cycle with success at the other % numbers, if you were able to complete last Monday’s sets at 95%, and you are feeling good, then go for it, otherwise work in the 85-95% range again.

*Remember that technique and safety is the number one priority!

*Using a belt is recommended.


WOD B) 3 rounds for max reps: (12 mins)

90s Row (Cal)

30s Rest

90s Burpee w/ Lateral jump over parallette

30s Rest