5 mins Hip & Thoracic openers

Banded glute / squat warmup


Pause Back Squat x 2

33X2 tempo

E2MOM x 6 sets (12 mins):
Sets 1-3: 3 Pause Back Squats @ 60-70%
Sets 4-6: 2 Pause Back Squats @ 70-80%+

-Follow the same tempo listed on the “Pause Back Squat x 2” for the triples also. The 2 secs pause at the top is a loose guideline to give you time to reset, breath and brace. You must however be strict with the 3 secs down and 3 secs pause in the bottom – TEMPO OVER WEIGHT.



In teams of 4, complete 5 Rounds for time:
7 Thrusters 95/65lb (must be able to go unbroken every round)
100′ Sled Push 55/35lb

-Teams of 4 regardless of class size to allow for rest intervals
-Goal is to cycle your thrusters with speed and efficiency, and sprint the sled to finish


3 Rounds:
Max GH Raises (aim for 6+ with a band or perform a few 3-5 secs isometric holds without a band at your lowest point)
Max L-sit hold (accumulate at least 20-30 secs in a tuck or from benches if needed)

Easy 5 min bike to cool-down