Shoulder circles
Band pull aparts + presses
1-5 push-up + down dog stretch


Pec stretch laying on the floor:
30s/side x 2


Every 90s x 12 (4 round of each movement – 18 min)
A1) Bench press x 5 (build to a heavy 5)
A2) Ring row / body row x 8 (@3,1,1,2)
A3) GHD Sit-ups x 10-15 / Beg: V-ups or Tuck-ups

Bench Press x 5


Death by Burpees
On the first minute complete 1 burpee, on the second minute complete 2 burpees. Continue on adding one burpee each minute until you are unable to complete the reps within the minute.
Your score is the last completed round number, plus any burpees finished in the uncompleted round.

6″ jump to a pull-up bar with a 2 hand touch
When you are out, continue to work until the entire class is finished.
30s work, 30s rest: plank hold