Sunday Oly/Strength



8-10 mins dynamic lengths

Lacrosse ball sub scap

Banded trap raises, rows etc.


WOD A) 15 mins to Build up to a heavy but not maximal Hang Power Snatch single


WOD B) EMOM x 10 mins, 3 Hang Power Snatch at approx. 80-90% of A; keep it fast and perfect


WOD C) 4 sets:

1) 5 behind the neck Snatch Grip Push Press with 1-2 second pause overhead (Heavy)

2) 6 Pendlay Rows (Heavy)

3) 10-15 GHD Hip Extensions (add 10-25lbs if possible) OR 15-20 HEAVY banded good mornings

*Rest 30-60 secs between exercises


**Cool-down row and stretch Post-WOD**