Warmup/Mobility) (10-12 mins) Lower body/squat prep:

1) 8-10 reps per exercise banded squat warmup; left/right/front/back steps, glute bridge with 2 second pause, slow and controlled squats

2) leg swings, leg/hip circles, bottom of squat hip openers


WOD A) (25 mins) Front Squat/Back Squat: 4 sets of 2/4 reps @ 90-95% of Monday (Monday was 90-95% of 1RM FS)


WOD B) Alt. EMOM x 10 mins (5 sets each):

8-10 Wallballs 30/20lb (goal is unbroken)

6-10 Burpees (40 second cap)


WOD C) 1km Row for time