2 Rounds:
200m run
10 GHD Hip extensions
14 Alt. DB Snatches light-moderate weight
10 V-ups

8 mins to warmup snatches and clean & jerks
*Experienced athletes get straight on bars, newer members review tech


Complete 15.1 immediately followed but 15.1a (15 mins total)

Open WOD 15.1

9 min AMRAP
15 Toes to bar
10 Deadlifts 115/75lb
5 Snatches 115/75lb

Open WOD 15.1a

6 mins to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk
*Must be performed immediately after 15.1

Open WOD 15.1 – scaled

9 min AMRAP
15 Hanging Knee Raises (knees above parallel/hip height)
10 Deadlifts 85/55lb
5 Snatches (ground to overhead allowed)


Catch Me If You Can

7 min AMRAP ladder: 2-4-6-8-10-12…etc.
Handstand Pushups
Box Jumps 30/24″ (Open standard; any style is permitted today, including step-ups)
*Scale Handstand Pushups to 1-2-3-4…etc. or Pike Pushups or DB Push Press
Score = last completed round + total reps


3 Rounds:
20-30 Calf Raises
2-3 Crossover Iron Scap exercises