What’s included In Your Membership:

All CrossFit memberships that contain “Onramp” in the membership title include 8 On-Ramp Sessions (otherwise Onramp is NOT included and is purchased as a separate private training membership). For more on Onramp please see General Terms and Conditions Section 1. Memberships that contain “Private Training” or “Lifting” in the membership title are NOT CrossFit memberships and do not include CrossFit services. All unlimited CrossFit memberships include unlimited attendances to standard CrossFit Classes as well as any classes marked “Specialty” such as Strength, Yoga, Open Gym, Mobility and Gymnastics. Extra CrossFit “clinics” or “seminars” or any other services not listed in memberships are not considered part of the included services in an unlimited membership and are NOT included in memberships. All limited CrossFit memberships are only good for the number of sessions purchased. Any missed classes or late cancelled classes are subject to charge for that session.

Consumer Rights:

In compliance with the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, the member has a right to cancel within 10 days of receiving a copy of this Agreement and a right to cancel due to a material change in their circumstances or a material change in the service provided by CrossFit 604. Examples of such material changes are given in section s 25(3) and 25(4) of the Act and include a member moving residences further than 30 kms from where they resided at time of signing this agreement. If a prepaid member cancels due to a material change in their circumstances, they will be entitled to a refund for the remaining balance of the Agreement less a 30% deduction for CrossFit 604’s costs.


1 – Onramp: It is required of all members of CrossFit 604 to either successfully complete our onramp program or demonstrate the required skills of CrossFit before entering regular classes. CrossFit 604 reserves the right to determine who is fit to enter classes. Those deemed unfit must complete as many private sessions necessary to prepare the member for classes before being permitted to attend regular classes. CrossFit 604 offer private session bundles (called Onramp) with a structured curriculum that is designed to prepare people to participate in CrossFit at an acceptable standard. The Onramp sessions will be booked by the member on the CrossFit 604 website, or in coordination with CrossFit 604 management. 24 hours notice is required for cancelling or rescheduling an onramp session. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the missed class will be considered used, and the member will be responsible for purchasing an additional Onramp session at the private training rate published on the CrossFit 604 website at time of rescheduling. If a member is more than 10 minutes late for their onramp session, they will be considered a no show and will be required to purchase an additional session at the private training rate published on the CrossFit 604 website. After the 8 Onramp sessions have been completed, it is at the sole discretion of CrossFit 604 to confirm that the member is ready to join the regular CrossFit classes. Additional Onramp sessions may be required, at the cost of the member, if the member has not demonstrated the minimum skill level required to join regular CrossFit classes. Failing to do so does no relinquish the members responsibility to upholding this binding contract. The additional private training cost will be billed at the private training rate published on the CrossFit 604 website at that time. If a member already has CrossFit experience they may be asked to attend a free session with a CrossFit 604 coach to demonstrate a minimum skill set of movements before entering the regular classes. It is at the sole discretion of CrossFit 604 to decide whether that minimum skill set has been met or if any Personal Training / Onramp classes are required. If those sessions are required, they will be at the sole cost of the member and will be billed at the private training rate published on the CrossFit 604 website at that time.

2 – Private Training Sessions: All private training sessions booked require 24 hours notice from the member for cancellation to avoid being billed in full for the session. If a session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice the full amount of that session will be charged to the member.

3 – Pre-Paid Memberships: Memberships are non-transferrable. Should the member wish to no longer train at CrossFit 604 they are still responsible for the remainder of their term of the Agreement except as provided for under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act as set out above. If the member does not exercise a cancellation right under the Act, then their options are to simply continue until the term of the agreement expires, or to cancel and immediately pay a 80% of the remaining balance of the contract.

4 – Monthly Memberships: Memberships are non-transferrable. Should the member wish to no longer train at CrossFit 604 they are still responsible for the remainder of their term of the Agreement except as provided for under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act as set out above. If the member does not exercise a cancellation right under the Act, then their options are to simply continue to pay the monthly fee until the term of the agreement expires, or to cancel and immediately pay a 80% of the remaining balance of the contract.

5 – Account Holds: Members are permitted to put their accounts on hold as per the latest hold policy listed on the CrossFit 604 website

Members are permitted to put their accounts on hold. Hold fees are $20 per week.
Holds are only granted in weekly increments.

Any changes to a hold (such as cancelling a hold early) will incur a change fee of $20 per change.

If someone defaults or terminates their contract early, all holds from that term will be nullified, and any banked time accumulated due to holds will be forfeited along with the fees.

No holds will be backdated.

Holds must be requested for in writing in advance of hold time.

Payments due while the account is on hold will still be due (as outlined by the members contract). Your held time is banked and added to the end of your membership.

Defaulting in payment at anytime will cancel any banked held time.

Hold fees are subject to taxes, not included in the fee listed in this policy.

An account hold does not pause the term of the contract, we are simply adding a bonus amount of time to the end of your contract term. There is no refund on payments made while an account is on hold.

No refunds on unused holds. (If you come back early, you can waive the hold, but the hold fee will still be collected at the rates as listed above including a “change” fee at the rate listed above).

Hold requests made in the last 30 days of a membership will be applied to the next membership. The renewal of the current membership will remain unaffected and will renew as scheduled. If no renewal is confirmed, the membership will convert to the month to month no commitment as outlined in the membership agreement.

6 – Rules on all Memberships Options: Both the pre-paid and paid monthly memberships entitle the member to have full use of their purchased CrossFit 604 services as long as their payments are up to date. The current rates are only secured for the duration of the term of their current membership, and CrossFit 604 reserves the right to increase membership fees at any time, and upon the renewal period of the membership, the new rates would then apply. 30 days written notice must be given by the member to CrossFit 604, if the member chooses not to renew their membership. If the member would like to renew their membership, they must notify the staff as to which plan they’d like to subscribe to prior to the time of renewal, otherwise the member will automatically be renewed under the month to month Contract at the posted rate on the website ( The members payment method will be charged at the time of renewal date and is subject to all the terms of this agreement. CrossFit 604 reserves the right to change the class schedule as needed. Needs to be determined by the CrossFit 604 Management. Any abuse of sale priced drop ins will result in a $25 admin fee charged to your credit card.

7 – Reservation Policies: If you sign up for a class and don’t show up, you are preventing someone else from coming who could have. To keep this from happening, and making all the classes as great as they can be for everyone, we use no-show penalties as a way to regulate this type of behaviour. The member is responsible for understanding the current policy which is listed on the CrossFit 604 website. Violations of the policy will incur a penalty listed on the webpage.

8 – Exceptions Policy: Exceptions are at the sole discretion of the CrossFit 604 owners.

9 – Asshole Clause Any member who demonstrates behaviour that is in any way deemed by the owners to be destructive to the CrossFit 604 community may have their membership terminated without warning. NO ASSHOLES ALLOWED!

10 – Delinquent Accounts (No Pay – No Play): If a member’s account balance is not paid in full on the due billing date, the member will have 7 days to make their late payment in full. If the member has not paid their dues by the 7th day deadline, the membership will be suspended and the member will be subject to a $100 re-initiation fee if they wish to re-activate their membership. The member will still be responsible for the remainder owed on the membership, even if they do not wish to reinstate their membership. There will be a $25 NSF / Decline charge billed to the member should their payment method not be approved. This charge will be billed each time the payment is attempted. Once an account has been deemed delinquent, the remainder of the membership will be due in full immediately. A 15% interest rate will be applied on the full balance owing until the debt is collected in full. Any service charges or legal fees incurred by CrossFit 604 as a result of the failure to pay will also be the responsibility of the delinquent member. Delinquent accounts will diligently be sent to collections.

11 – Member Enjoyment: All CrossFit 604 members deserve an uninterrupted enjoyment experience. To protect this enjoyment we have a no solicitation policy to ensure our members are not being solicited products or services by other members. CrossFit 604 is a no solicitation zone… This also applies to our private social media groups that members are invited to join once they become members.

12 – Respect: The CrossFit 604 team has worked extremely hard to provide the members the best training facility they can, and as a result we expect the members to treat the equipment with respect as well as the Coaching staff and all of the members.

13 – Code Of Conduct: READ THIS…

We understand that equipment has a natural life cycle, and will receive wear and tear over the course of being used, but abuse of the equipment (including, but not limited to, the terms outlined in the rules listed below) that causes damage to the equipment or the facility in any way will be assessed at replacement value and the cost passed onto the individual who caused it.

If you find damaged equipment, report it to the staff immediately and do NOT use it or we may assume you damaged it. Saying “It was like that already” will not suffice.

The following rules will be strictly enforced:

No dropping equipment. Any equipment. The only exception to this rule is a barbell that has coloured plates and collars on it. (Coloured plates are green, yellow, blue or red). This means no dropping dumbbells, Kettlebells, empty barbells or bars with only black plates or steel plates.
No dropping the end of the empty barbell when you strip weights off.
Barbells must be used with collars and loaded properly with no more than 7.5 pounds per side in change plates.
No dropping anything on the barbell collars. No throwing or dropping of the barbell collars.
No tying knots in skipping ropes or adjusting rope length.
No stepping on benches.
Concrete walls are indestructible, but our faux concrete (stucco walls) are not. Please don’t lean or do anything up against those walls (exterior bathroom walls, wall behind front desk).
Do not use the medicine balls for anything except throwing them to the wall ball targets (lines at 9ft & 10ft). Do not throw them against the concrete or stucco walls, and no sitting on them).
If you used it, put it away. If you sweat on it or bleed on it, clean it up.

By signing your contract you acknowledge that if you abuse, misuse or damage any equipment due to negligence that you will be immediately billed for the cost of replacing said equipment at the full replacement value (including taxes / exchange rates / shipping costs).

14 – Services: CrossFit 604 has a locker wall in the lounge area; members may feel free to use a locker during their workout. Members should also feel free to bring a lock or purchase one from CrossFit 604. There is no charge to use the locker while a member is in class, but at the end of the class locks must be removed along with belongings. No personal belongings shall be left behind – if they are left behind they will be removed and disposed of. Members that would prefer to store things long term can inquire with CrossFit 604 about renting a locker on a monthly basis. There is a small fee for doing so. The locker will be assigned to the member and the member may use it to store their belongings. Members must not store perishable items, or anything that will emit an odor such as wet towels, dirty or wet clothes, etc. If CrossFit 604 believes that items of that nature are being stored in the locker they reserve the right to cut the lock and dispose of any items that are causing the nuisance. Any loss from this lock cutting will be at the expense of the member. CrossFit 604 provides shower facilities for use by its members. Please be courteous to fellow members who may also want to use the showers. Members should be as quick as possible in the shower to allow for others to use it also. Members must remove all personal belongings from the shower area upon completion of shower. Towels will not be provided, members must bring their own, or purchase one from CrossFit 604. CrossFit 604 accepts VISA, Mastercard and cash. EFT and e-transfer payments can also be arranged at the sole discretion of the CrossFit 604 staff. Additional service fees may apply. Members must ALWAYS have a valid payment method on file at CrossFit 604 to facilitate membership charges and applicable charges to the members account.

15 – Photos & Likeness: CrossFit 604 will often take photos and video of it’s members during workouts or special events, and may choose to post the photos on the website or social media sites. The member agrees that his or her imagery and likeness are approved for CrossFit 604 to use for any purpose pertaining to the general nature of the industry. There is no compensation for any imagery or likeness used in any form whether promotional or commercial. The member acknowledges and agrees as follows:

16 – EFT Authorization: I authorize CrossFit 604, to transfer electronic funds on a recurring basis from the checking, savings, or credit card account I specified above for my membership dues. This authorization is to remain effective until CrossFit 604 has collected for all charges assessed in connection with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

17 – Membership Term

I agree that I will maintain membership and pay the dues specified in my signed membership agreement.
I agree that I will be liable for dues for the entire Term of this agreement specified in my signed membership agreement in the amounts as stated herein regardless of usage.
I agree that my membership benefits are exclusive to me and are in no way transferable to anyone else.
I will comply with all the rules and regulations of CrossFit 604.
I hereby agree that if CrossFit 604, is unable to process my payment from the designated account provided by me, CrossFit 604 is permitted to use any of the other accounts information provided as many times and as often as needed to replace the unpaid payments and service charges as explained in this agreement.
In addition to any rights and remedies it may otherwise have, CrossFit 604 may terminate this Agreement at anytime with written notice to me if I fail to comply with my obligations under this Agreement and do not cure any such failure within seven days after receiving notice of such failure.
Failure to attend the Classes does not relieve me of the obligation to pay the full tuition for the program or phase in which I am currently enrolled.
I confirm that the provisions in this Agreement constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersede all prior communications, proposals, representations and agreements, whether oral or written with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.
I acknowledge receiving a copy of this Agreement and I am aware that a copy of this document is available online on my member profile page.
I understand that if I am deemed delinquent for failure to pay I will be taken to collections.

18 – Lifting Memberships: This service is ONLY available to experienced lifters. You will not be coached and therefore must be competent in the lifts you are working on. A successful barbell assessment may be required before you are eligible for this program. Your activities must NOT interfere with CrossFit classes happening at the same time. Your work MUST take place on the lifting station you are provided. The online calendar will have availability for each lifting station that you can reserve in advance. When you reserve a lifting station, you are preventing anyone else from using it… So no show policies may apply – specified at Your reservation entitles you to one hour on one of the lifting stations. You can mobilize before and after in the warm up area so you can maximize your lifting time. Only one person will be permitted to use the station at a time. Stations are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Reservations may only be made during scheduled hours of the CrossFit 604 Calendar. CrossFit 604 reserves the right to change the schedule as needed. No guests are permitted to use the facility with you. No coaching or training other athletes without the written consent of the CrossFit 604 management.

19 – Legal Stuff: The member signature on this membership agreement allows CrossFit 604 to charge the payment method (credit card or EFT submitted by the member) for any dues owed under this contract, and states that the member agrees to the terms and conditions of the membership. Members must abide by these terms and conditions which are displayed on the website URL The terms and conditions may be updated from time to time and it is the responsibility of the member to stay up to date on the terms. The member signature on this membership agreement allows CrossFit 604 to update the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1-19 of this agreement. The terms and conditions can be found here:

20 – In the event the business CrossFit 604 is forced to shut under circumstances outside their control (Public Health Orders for example), membership fees will still be due. It will be at the discretion of CrossFit 604 management to determine if an exception can be made regarding payments, holds, cancellations or other. CrossFit 604 may decide to allow holds under the usual hold terms, or holds without fees, or cancellation of membership at their discretion.

This membership agreement is executed in conjunction with the Waiver /PAR-Q form that members are required to fill out and sign BEFORE joining CrossFit 604 classes.


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