DATE – Sunday June 8th


Warm-up: In 10-12 min alternate through 3 rounds of 2-250m row +

Scapjack activation (8-10 x Row, Pull-down, WY negative)

Banded knee steps (10 x F/B+L/R + 10 x Banded squats)

10-12 x dowel dislocates + OH Squats + 8-12 x Snatch balance (dowel or empty bar)


Mobility: Banded hip opener + front rack


WOD A: In 15min build to a heavy single Snatch


– Rest 5 min –


WOD B:  In 15min build to a heavy single Clean + Jerk


WOD C: Five rounds for time:

Row 350m

7/5 x Handstand push-ups

12 x Toes to bar

15 x Kettlebell swings (32/24kg)

– Rest 2 min between rounds –


– Strict HSPU only (Banded, Pike, or controlled negative as sub)

– Stagger start by 2 min for group 2

– Subtract 8min rest from total time to finish, but note each round time and compare.