Dynamic hip and shoulder circles
Red band shoulder activation (pull aparts, presses, rows etc.)
Ankle, quad, hip stretch (pistol prep)

Demo / Tech gymnastics movements and scaling options for WOD A.

EMOM x 8 (4 sets of each alternating)
A1: Strict + Kipping ring muscle-ups (2-6 reps*)
A2: Alternating Pistols x 12-16 (Scale to suitable pistol progressions)

*Pick a number that is sustainable across the 4 sets, anywhere from 1+1 to 3+3
– scale to 2-3 spotted or jumping muscle ups, 3-5 low ring or banded transitions, or 6-8 false grip ring to chest rows.

– Rest 4 min –
EMOM x 8 (4 sets of each alternating)
B1: Rope climbs
B2: 20-30s Static handstand hold practice

Rope climbs: 1 legless + 1 w/ legs, 1-2 w/ legs, or 1-2 partial climbs, rope pull-ups, or rope lowers.
Handstands: Freestanding static holds, wall supported holds/balance practice, wall walk to active HS hold.

Complete AMRAP in 12 min of:
6 Single arm dumbbell snatches (all on one arm, not alternating)
8 Single arm dumbbell thrusters
10 Overhead dumbbell lunges (alternating legs, lunge forward only)
12 Ab-mat sit-ups

Rx: 50/35
Alternate arms each full round. Round 1 all the right arm, round 2 all on the left etc.
Choose a weight where the 3 dumbbell movements combined can remain mostly unbroken.

3 super sets:
10-12 Seated dumbbell shoulder press (wide elbows)
10-12/side Concentration bicep curls
12-15 Seated French press
– Rest 2-3 min btw rounds

Crossover Symmetry “Recovery” or “Iron Scap”