Dynamic squat warmup
Quad stretch
Hip openers


1 Pause Back Squat + 2 No-Pause Squats
5 sec pause in the bottom of your first rep,
explosive on reps 2 & 3

E2MOM x 5 sets
65-75% of 1RM – focus on speed over max weight


Sleigh Bells
Teams of 4 (even in quiet classes to allow for recovery)
-Each person completes 5 sets of 100′ sled push, alternating through
-Goal is heavy but still at a run pace, if you are walking it’s too heavy
-Try to use the same weight across, unless you undershoot on the first round
-Record weight added to the sled (must be at least 4 rounds, no stacking on for last set)


Choose: 5-10 min easy run/bike/row
Stretch your quads and hips!