Sunday Oly/Strength


Warmup) partner up; one partner starts on upper body, the other on lower body


Iron Scap exercises, low volume: Archer, WY Negative, Bear Hug, ATYT

Lower Body: Hip Circles, Leg Swings etc.



30-40 secs box shoulder stretch

2 mins Olympic wall squat

30-40 secs box shoulder stretch


WOD A) Snatch: 20 mins to build to a heavy single


WOD B) Alt. E2MOM x 5 Rounds of each – 18 mins:

1) 3 Halting Snatch-pulls (3 sec pause above knee, then explode up) @ 80%+

2) 1 Snatch Balance + 2 Overhead Squats (1-2 sec pause in the bottom on each rep) @ 80%+


WOD C) 2-3 Rounds NFT:

5-10 GH Raises or 10-20 GHD Hip Extension if you deadlifted Friday

30-40 secs Weighted Plank – heavy as possible


Crossover Symmetry “Iron Scap” – after finishing midline work