DATE – Friday June 20th


Warm-up: 5-7 min of alternating between skipping warm-up/variations and dynamic shoulder circles/stretches. Coach’s choice


Mobility: Dowel dislocates and front rack stretch.

(Review press, push press, and split jerk technique)


WOD A) Wendler strict press (15 min)

(Add another 5lb to your projected 1RM, (now 10lb over your old PR) then work off of 90% of that number as your training max.)


3-5 building warm-up sets (rest 60-90s) then,

5 @ 65%

5 @ 75%

5+ @ 85%

(Rest 2-3 min between 3 working sets. % Based off of your new training max.)


WOD B) Every 90s x 8 – 1 Push press + 1 Jerk (12 min)

(Start at your last press weight and add each set as needed)


WOD C) AMRAP in 8 min:

8 x Handstand push-ups

10 x Toes to Bar

12 x Kettlebell Swings (32/24kg)


(HSPU – Kipping allowed today, sub banded or seated dumbbell strict press)