DATE – Thursday June 19th


Warm-up: Partner up and alternate for 2 sets:

1) 10-12 each: Barbell good morning + Bent over row + Glute bridge

2) Leg swings (10 x forwards/backwards, across the body) + 10 x “Scapjacked” Row + Pull-down w/ 2s hold.


Mobility: Banded posterior chain floss


WOD A) Wendler Deadlift (18-20min)

(Add another 10lb to your 1RM, (now 20lb over your old PR) then work off of 90% of that number as your training max.)


3-5 building warm-up sets (rest 60-90s) then,

5 @ 65%

5 @ 75%

5+ @ 85%


(Rest 2-3 min between 3 working sets. % Based off of your new training max. On the AMRAP last set be sure to stop before form is compromised. Go hard, but ideally leave 1-2 reps in the tank)



WOD B)  3 sets for quality and effort: (18 min)

45s – Power clean (your choice – moderate/heavy)

45s – Rest

45s – Sled Push (add weight and switch to a strapped pull as needed)

45s – Rest

45s – Chest to bar pull-ups

45s – Rest

45s- Box jump over’s (24/20”)

45s- Rest


Don’t worry about counting reps today, just work hard and consistently for each interval. Focus on movement quality and efficiency throughout. Start on any of the stations and rotate through in order. Choose a challenging weight for the power cleans but something that you can maintain good form throughout.