DATE – Thursday


Warm-up) 2 Rounds:

50’ high knees

50’ heels to butt

50’ Duck Walk w/light slamball or KB in front rack



Wrist extension stretch

Front Rack Stretch

Hip extension w/band


WOD A) EMOM x 10 mins:

2 x 1 & ¼ Front Squats – moderate/heavy weight, focus on speed out of the bottom (start at 60-65% of 1RM)



WOD B) “Partner Fun Day!”

w/partner complete 3 rounds of the following for time. Beak up sets however you like:


20 ‘High Five’ Burpees (10 each)

30 Front Squats 115/75lb (15 each)

40 KB Swings 32/24kg (20 each)

500m Row (250m each)



WOD C) 2-3 sets alternating with partner to allow for rest:

Weighted Plank x 45-60secs –heavy as possible

Hollow Rock x 30-45 secs