Warmup/Mobility) 2 Rounds (STRICT 10 min cap):


3 laps of the room (normal/butt kicks/high knees)

6-8 Band pull-aparts palms up & down

6-8 Band Presses in front & behind head

12-16 Alt. Split Jumps – get comfortable/warm in your jerk landing position


WOD A) (16-18 mins) Split Jerk


Experienced lifters: Get bars out and start warming up for: 2 reps e90secs for 10.5 mins (8 sets) start at approx. 60% of your 1rm and add weight each set to approx. 85% for your last 3 sets – keep technique perfect for 3 sets at the same weight, don’t go to absolute max!


Newer lifters: spend the time working on technique with a coach, hitting sets of 3-5 reps and only adding weight if technique allows it.


WOD B) 3 Rounds for reps (18 mins):


1 min max Hang Power Cleans

-1 min rest-

1 min max Shoulder to Overhead 45/30lb DB’s (Use a weight that you can get through at least 10 reps unbroken)

-1 min rest-

1 min max 20’ Shuttle Sprints w/one hand touch – try to turn off different feet each time

-1 min rest-


HPC weight

Adv: 185/125lb

Int: 135-175lb/95-115lb

Beg: 75-125lb/55-85lb (or less)

*Use a weight that you can hit at least 8-10 unbroken on first round


WOD C) Cool –down: Crossover Symmetry “Recovery” and 30-50 GHD Hip Extensions