3-4 mins running drills around the gym

2 Rounds:

10 scorpion stretches lying face down and face up – 5 each leg

10-15 banded glute bridges – band around knees

10-15 stiff leg deadlifts – empty bar

30 secs flutter kicks


WOD A) EMOM x 10 mins:


3 Deadlifts @ 55-65% of training max – bar weight should feel smooth/explosive off the ground


Experienced lifters with more than 1-2 years+ of consistent deadlifting and perfect technique add a red less than or 200lb+/blue 300lb+ or green band 400lb+ and perform 2 reps


**No reps should be touch’n’go today**


WOD B) 3 Rounds NFT:

6-8 Single Leg KB RDL’s per leg @3111 tempo – light/moderate: stand on a box and work to deficit if possible, hold kb in opposite hand or two hands if needed for balance

-Rest 20-40 secs-

Sled Drag 1 lap of the rig– use a weight that you can comfortably do unbroken

-Rest 20-40 secs-

10-12 Single Arm KB or DB Row – Moderate/Heavy

-Rest 20-40 secs-


WOD C) Optional midline: tabata situps (anchored) use weight or banded for resistance if needed