Warmup/Mobility) 3 Rounds:

1a) 60 secs skipping, double under, triple under etc. practice

1b) 30 secs box hamstrings stretch

1c) 30 secs box shoulder stretch


2) Hollow holds with feet against wall 30 on/30 off x 3


WOD A) 15 min AMRAP:

20 Calorie Row (Scale to 12-15 Cals if rowing isn’t your strong point, don’t get hung-up here!)

15 Box Jumps 24/20”

10 Burpee Ball Slams 30/20lb – not chest to deck/ball; place your hands either side the ball after slamming it down, then drop down to a pushup/plank position, before coming back up into your ball slam position


-Rest 5 mins before starting static holds-


WOD B) Static holds 30 secs on/30 secs off x 3 rounds of each – alternate exercises (6 mins):

L-sit Hold – rings, parallettes, hanging, dip bars… choose your progression

Nose to Wall Handstand Hold


WOD C) Crossover Symmetry “Plyo” workout