Sunday Oly/Strength



3-4 mins running drills

3-4 mins dynamic hamstrings, hip openers

10-12 Band Glute walks F/B/L/R

6 steps F/B Duck Walk holding light Slamball or KB x 3 sets with 5-10 secs rest between

Lots of shoulder circles/rotations, PVC Dislocates, partner overhead dowel stretch in snatch grip x 60 secs


**Tech with newer lifters, experienced lifters get straight into snatching**


WOD A) Barski Snatch (3 consecutive hi-hang snatches): build to a challenging weight and perform 4-5 sets here 20 mins


WOD B) 5 sets, alt. every 90 secs (13.5 mins):

B1) 3 Snatch Pulls @ 100-110% of 1RM

B2) 6-8 BTN Snatch Grip Strict Press: pause at full lockout overhead and control weight down – moderate/heavy


WOD C) 2-3 Rounds:

10-15 GHD Hip extensions – weighted if possible

30 Secs Weighted Plank – heavy as possible

5-8 ATYT’s

*Rest 30-40 secs between exercises