2 rounds with a light / moderate KB:
10 Sampson lunges
10 KB Swings
10 Air squats + 5 tuck jumps
5 Push press + 5 Windmills / side
15-20s Arm Bar / side

30-40s Bench/box overhead stretch
8 x Diagonal stretch holds + 10-15s hold on last rep
30-40s Bench/box overhead stretch

2 Power Clean + 2 Push Jerk
A1) In 15 min, build to a heavy set of: 2 Power cleans + 2 Push jerks. Cleans may be performed “touch and go” or as two quick singles.
— Rest 2 min —
A2) In 10 min , complete 20-30 reps (for quality) of Hang Power clean + Push Jerk at 70% of weight achieved in A1.
– Each rep must be completed with a three-second pause in the catch of both the power clean and the push jerk. This drill is to enforce proper mechanics and balance in the receiving positions.

Money To Blow
3 rounds for total reps completed:
30s Strict + 30s Kipping Handstand Push-up
1 min Kettlebell swings (24/16kg)
1 min Assault Bike (Cals)
– Rest 1 min –
– Female “Rx” is one Ab-mat for strict and kipping HSPU today.
– Group in to 3 or 4 and stagger the start by 3-4 min as needed (max groups of 7 each heat)