Tuesday – Squat/Snatch/Lower/short wod


Warmup) In partners:

1) 10 Hip Cirlces / 10 Leg Swings

2) 6-8 ATYT’s with crossover symmetry w/1-2 sec pause each position



Banded Hip Extension Lunge 60secs

Banded Front Rack 60secs


WOD A) Alt. EMOM x 14 mins (10 mins to get to starting weights):

1) 3 Front Squats @ 65-75% of 1RM FS (approx. 60-70% of Back Squat training max.)

2) 1 Power Snatch + 1 Full Snatch – add weight as you go, building to as heavy as technique allows


WOD B) Teams of 3, 10 min AMRAP relay:

12 Alternating Jumping Lunges

50’ Sled Push 158/128lb (add a red/green plate)

*Score is completed sled pushes


***Flush and stretch after!!!