Hips and shoulders warmup / prep for overhead squat position
Snatch balance / snatch drills with PVC pipe


Alt. E90SECS x 4 sets each

1) 3 Snatch pulls @ 90-100% (5 for newer lifters if weights are lighter working on tech)
2) 5 Pressing snatch balance ā€“ build each set, flexibility will play a big role in this exercise (sub for OHS if needed)


Back Squat X 10

Legs Eleven
3 Rounds for time:
10 Back Squats (heavy but unbroken each round ā€“ from rack)
20 Handstand Pushups (scale to 10-15 to keep intensity high)
30 Cal Row
Rest 2 mins (keep yourself *legs* moving during rest)
*Subtract 4 mins rest from time*


Easy 3-4 mins bike & run
Crossover Iron Scap
Couch stretch 2 x 2 mins per side