Saturday, July 5th


Warm-up: Dynamic lengths, upper + lower body movement prep


Mobility: Banded hip opener + lunge, banded overhead stretch


– Review 7 WOD movements, then 10-12 min to warm-up and prep for WOD.

– Build up to working weight on thrusters and deadlifts.

– Practice gymnastic movements/progressions.

– Partner up with someone who will use the same thruster and deadlift weight and set up one bar for each movement. Stagger the start by 1min with your partner.



WOD A: hero WOD “The Seven”

Seven rounds for time:

7 x Handstand push-ups (sub – seated dumbbell press)

7 x Thrusters (135/95)

7 x Knees to elbows

7 x Deadlifts (245/165)

7 x Burpees

7 x Kettlebell swings (32/24kg)

7 x Pull-ups