DATE – Thursday



5 min Volleyball keep-ups



Banded shoulder stretch series


WOD A) (15min limit)

3 rounds – Not for time:

A1) 3-6 Muscle-ups (If proficient, try 3 weighted singles. Sub 4-6 strict pull-ups and ring dips or practice transition to dip with the band)

A2) 8-12 Alternating pistols (If proficient, try some weighted reps w/ Kettlebell)

A3) 20-40 Doubleunders (If proficient, take 1-3 attempts at max unbroken set)



15 min AMRAP:

200m run

Max effort Parallette push-ups (Guys – Feet on bench / Girls – feet on floor)

200m run

Max effort strict supinated pull ups

200m run


Count total reps completed in the 15 min