Dynamic stretch: hips / ankles / thoracic, front rack
Diagonal stretch x 8 + 10-15s hold

Clean warmup:
2 rounds: Once with an empty bar, once with light weights
3 x Front squat (Slow down, fast up)
3 x Front squat (Slow down, 3s hold, fast up)
– 15-20s rest
3 x Power clean (3s hold in receiving position)
3 x Cleans (3s hold in receiving position)


Clean X 3

Clean X 2


Every 3 min x 3 sets: 3 Cleans
Every 2 min x 3 sets: 2 Cleans
Every 90s x 3 sets: 1 Clean

*Not touch & go on triples & doubles
*Start at approx. 65-70% on first triple and continue adding each set, looking to max each rep scheme on final set


Bench Press X 10

Axel Bar Deadlift X 10

Deadlift X 10

Compete 4 rounds for quality and heaviest sets of 10:
10 x Bench Press
– Rest 15-20s –
10 x Axle bar Deadlifts (touch and go – unbroken)
– Rest 15-20s –
100ft Sled push (Heavy walk)
– Rest 60-90s –
Scale to regular barbell for newer athletes.
Start first set at a weight where 15-20 reps would be attainable and add slowly, only as needed so that all 10 reps are always attainable.