Crossover Symmetry “Activation” – partner up and hit some shoulder circles/rotations between sets

Banded Overhead/Lats Stretch


WOD A) 15 min AMRAP:


400m Run


Adv: Max effort set of ring muscle ups (2-3 quick singles if you can’t link them)

Int: Max Ring Pullups

Beg: 20-30 secs chin over ring over bar hold

*Score you total reps or time accumulated + progression


WOD B) Alt. EMOM x 15 min (5 sets each):

1) Strict Handstand Pushup (choose a rep scheme you can maintain)

2) 20-50 Double Unders

3) 20-30 secs Hollow Rock or Hold


*HSPU progression:

Int: 8-12 secs hold at lowest point before failure

Beg: Handstand Hold or Pike Pushup – choose what you want to work on today