DATE – Wednesday


Warm-up: 2 rounds with a light KB:

8 x KB windmills (4/arm)

8 x KB Snatches (4/arm)

10 x Goblet squat w/ 2s pause at the bottom

15 x Banded good mornings



Banded overhead (snatch position) stretch

Stretch calves on post 60s/side


WOD A) (20 min)

7×1 3-position snatch (high hang, above the knee, floor)

Rest 2 min between sets



For time:


Kettlebell snatch + forward lunge (24kg/16kg)

Toes to Bar


The KB Snatch/Lunges must be equal reps (R/L) broken up any way. Step forward with opposite leg from the KB. For athletes that struggle with the kettle bell snatch, perform the same number of Russian swings, and alternating lunges with KB in goblet position.