Warmup/Mobility) 1 Round (5-6 mins to complete):

8-10 Hip Circles/Leg Swings per leg

50’ Straight Leg Bear Crawl

10-15 GHD Hip Ext.

10-15 PVC Dislocates

10 -15WY’s with light plates


3 Rounds alt. EMOM:

3 Muscle Snatches + 3 snatch balance – add weight as required

4-5 Box Jumps – challenging height


WOD A) 25 mins to establish a 1 rep max Snatch

– experienced lifters go straight away & start clock, work on tech with newer lifters and work from hang as required

– Make small incremental jumps and rest as needed between sets, don’t be in too much of a rush and miss lifts due to sloppiness


WOD B) e90secs x 6 sets (approx. 8-9 mins):

3-4 Overhead Squats (from racks) – heavy as technique allows, ideally no fails


WOD C) Tabata Overhead Walking Lunges 55/35lb plate (knee stops 1-2” from the ground, don’t let it “bounce” of the floor)