Dynamic hip and shoulder warm-up
Pre-squat hip openers
Dowel dislocates
Overhead squat warm-up (Dowel or empty bar)
5 x Slow down, fast up (10-15s Rest)
5 x Slow down, 3s pause in the bottom, fast up (10-15s rest)
5 x 1 + 1/4 Reps
Snatch Warm-up: (Empty bar or “light” weights added)
3 x Snatch high pulls
3 x Muscle Snatch
3 x Power Snatch (3s hold)
3 x Snatch Balance (3s hold)
3 x Hang snatch (3s hold)
3 x Full snatch

13 Minutes to build to a heavy single.
– Rest 2 min –
Then E90s x 4 sets:
1 x Snatch (@ 90% of weight achieved in “A”)

Back Squat X 5
Heavy Intervals – BS, HSPU, Row
Complete 4 rounds for time and record heaviest back squat weight:
5 Back Squats (Heavy)
10 Deficit HSPU (3.5/2″)
20/15 Cal Row
– Rest 90s between rounds
– Start BS at 65-70% of 1RM and add weight as needed to build to a heavy 5. (All 4 sets should be “working sets”, don’t start too light!)
– HSPU should be unbroken for the first round and no more than 2-3 sets at the most thereafter. Rx deficit is 3 rubber mats for guys 2 mats for women with an ab-mat on the ground. Kipping ok.
– Sprint row should take ~1 min (Rx for women is 15 Cal) Scale as needed.
– Subtract 4.5 min (+possible stagger) from time to complete the 4th round.