Sunday Oly/Strength



Shoulder Circles/Rotations

Hip Circles/Mountain Climbers/Leg Swings


2 Rounds:

10 Dowel Dislocates

5 DB Split Jerks each arm – 2-3 sec pause in catch each rep

20 secs Handstand Hold


WOD A) Split Jerk: 20 mins to establish a 1RM


WOD B) 30 secs on / 90 secs off x 3 Rounds:

AMRAP Push Jerk at 70-75% of A – racks are allowed if you want to use one


WOD C) Alt. e90secs x 4 rounds of each

8 Shoulder Press at 60-65% of 1RM         

8 Bent over Rows – heavy as possible


WOD D) Crossover Symmetry “Iron Scap”