Front squat hip openers

Band rows, lat pull-downs, front rack stretch


WOD A) Alt. EMOM x 6 sets each (12 mins)


1) 5 front squats

2) 5 strict ring pullups (weighted as heavy as full ROM will allow)


Front squat loading:

Sets 1/2/3: 65/70/75%+ find a 5RM on last set without going to absolute failure

Sets 5/6/7: 5 reps at 90% of what you hit for a 5RM across all 3 sets


Pullup progression:

Try to avoid bands if possible. Either bring the reps down or perform a jumping pullup w/ 3-5 sec negatives for 3-5 reps – on bar or rings



WOD B) 3 Rounds (not for time but keep yourself moving – 12 min cap)


20 unbroken DB bench presses (work on moving the weight with speed while maintaining stability)

2-3 Rope climbs (can be a mix of legless / with legs, should be done consecutively though)

8-12 GH raises (sub banded)


***Rest 3 mins before WOD C***


WOD C) 3 Rounds NFT


Max unbroken strict ring or bar dips (can alternate each round)

Max unbroken pushups

10 Bulgarian split squats per leg – KB or DB in each hand



Easy 1km row & 1-2km bike

Crossover plyo