Dynamic Shoulder Warmup: circles, rotations etc.

Banded Shoulder Stretch: pecs, dip extension/bully, overhead


WOD A) Alt. EMOM x 10 mins (5 sets):


1) 5 Weighted Ring Pullups – heavy as possible (scale to strict ring pullups or ring rows with feet elevated)

2) 5 Bench Press – heavy as possible, approx. 70%+


WOD B) 5 sets for total time:

Rope Climbs

Strict Dips (Adv: 10-12 ring / Int: 6-8 Ring / Beg: 6-8 Bar)

-Rest 60 secs between sets-


Rope Climb progression:

Adv: 2 Legless

Int: 1 Legless

Beg: 2 with legs or 3-4 pulls from floor


WOD C) Crossover Symmetry “Plyo”