DATE – Tuesday



100’ high knees

100’ butt kicks

100’ side shuffles – 50’ each direction


Banded side steps x 7-10 each direction

Glute Bridge x 15 second hold



Banded P-Chain Floss

Banded Hip extension floss

*60 secs per leg each stretch


WOD A) Back Squat (25 mins): 7×3 @ 80-85% of 1RM

*All sets performed @ 80-85%


WOD B) 3 sets NFT:

14 Alternating Static KB Lunges @3211 tempo – 2 second pause 1” from ground, knee does not touch ground. 1 KB in each hand, heavy as possible, all sets performed at same weight.

FOCUS ON TORSO, KNEE AND HIP POSTION, sacrifice a couple of kg’s for perfect mechanics.

-Rest 60 secs-

100’ Sled Push 55/35lb plate on top of box

-Rest 60 ses-


WOD C) Easy cool-down run or row and stretch POST-WOD