DATE – Monday


-Shoulder mobility w/ball, led on ground: target posterior delts and work on overhead/external rotation. 2 mins each side.

-Band dislocates and presses

WOD A) Shoulder Press (15-17 mins):

3 reps @ 50%

-Rest 60 secs-

3 reps @ 60%

-Rest 60 secs-

3 reps @ 70%

-Rest 2-3 mins-

Max reps @ 80%

-Then back down-

WOD B) 3 Rounds for time:

200m Sandbag Carry Heavy/Light (Hold SB in any position. Sub for medball)

15/10 Supinated Chin Ups (Guys/Girls – try to keep reps as strict as possible, modify amount as needed)

15/10 Ring Dips (Bar dips or Pushups)

15 Ball Slams 40/30lb

WOD C) Band pull-aparts Post-WOD