Lower body dynamic: hamstrings, calves, hip flexors


With light plates, 2 Rounds:

10-15 WY’s

6-8 ATYT’s


WOD A) e90secs x 8 sets (10.5 mins – allow 20 mins in total):

-1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Clean (newer lifters working on tech with a lighter weight do 2+2)

-Progressively add weight to work up to approx. 85-90%

-No touch’n’go for the power clean


WOD B) Teams of 3 complete 4 rounds each, one person works at a time and completes all of the work before the next person goes:


15 Russian KB Swings 36/24kg – all sets must be unbroken

100’ Sled Push 55/35lb added – weight should be challenging but don’t go so heavy that you can’t do 50’ unbroken. Should be a quick turnaround also

*Record total time taken