WOD A) (20 min)

5-7 x Clean and Jerk (2+2)


WOD B) 3 rounds – Not for time

8-10 x Glute hamstring raise

10-12 Banded glute bridge

50’ Barbell overhead walking lunge – Snatch Grip









DATE – Sunday – WOD



Dynamic Stretch


WOD A) Warm up for WOD/Tech review


WOD B) Partner Workout:


-Partners must accumulate 1500m (divided evenly) on the erg. Partner A rows while partner B holds a 225/155lb Deadlift. Partners must rotate whenever bar is dropped.


-Partners have to accumulate 50 Burpees (divided evenly). Partner A does Burpees while Partner B holds 135/95lb in front rack position. Partners can break up reps how they like but must rotate whenever bar is dropped.


-Partners must perform 50 Power Cleans @ 135/95lb (divide evenly). Partner A cleans while partner B holds Dip Support (or Pushup support). Partners must rotate when Dip/Pushup stops being held.