DATE – Sunday July 20th


Warm-up/Mobility: (15 min)

– 500m Row + Dynamic leg warm-up + pre-squat hip opener

– Crossover Symmetry activation + 15-20 Dowel dislocates

(Start on either, complete then switch)


WOD A) Snatch x 1.1. every 90s x 10 sets

(Build from 50-55% to 85-90% of 1RM)


WOD B) 4 sets of each – alternating

B1) Snatch grip Romanian deadlifts x 5 (@3,1,1,1)

B2) Static dips x 15-20 (use matadors or parallettes)

– Rest as needed between movements


WOD C) 3 rounds NFT:

C1) Sorensen hold on GHD x 45-60s (weighted if 60s is easy)

C2) Strict toes to bar x 8-10 (controlled negative if possible)

C3) Single arm KB overhead walking lunge (10R+10L)